Rajasthan Festival Trip: Come & Experience

Rajasthan Festival Trip: Come & Experience

If festivals ‘n’ fair is in your mind, then tour to Rajasthan will serve your purpose

If festivals and fair is in your mind, then you need a trip to Rajasthan where some of the oldest fairs are as lively today as they were centuries ago. Come and experience rich diverse culture and glorious history of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan travel is vibrant with fairs and festivals—Desert festival of Jaisalmer, Kite Festival (Jaipur), Camel Festival (Bikaner) and Pushkar Fair Tour of Ajmer—to name few attracting both artists and audiences from around the world.

Kite festival of Jaipur

Kite Festival Jaipur
Kite Festival Jaipur

A popular kite competition makes it a colourful event of Pink City that now transcends national boundaries and gem of Rajasthan tour. It is celebrated on 14th of January every year. The people fly kites of all colors, shapes and sizes.

Fly-kite competition attracts kite fliers from all over the country. Even the foreign tourists feel delights to glance at colorful sky while a short or long trip to royal state. Music, dance and fireworks add new enthusiasm in this festive occasion.

Baneshwar Fair

Dungarpur City View
Dungarpur City View

A popular tribal fair is dedicated to Lord Shiva is celebrated every year in the month of February in Dungarpur district. It is held in a small delta formed by Som and Mahi rivers with simple and traditional rituals. This is the festival of Bhils.

Baneshwar Fair, Dungarpur
Baneshwar Fair, Dungarpur

Folk dance, magic shows and acrobatic feats are its USP. The fair gives a reason to assemble singers and dancers from adjoining villages. Hundreds of makeshift stalls are set to showcase the traditional goods and fancy articles.

Desert Festival (Jaisalmer)

The strength of the local community and faith of desert life is what keeps a desert festival visibly dynamic. The three-day long festival bonanza envelopes the city in the month of Febraury.

Desert Festival
Desert Festival

Artists wear fanciful dresses and perform stage. The other attractions are moustache showcase, fastest turban tying, and list is long. For adventure-seekers, camel races and gymnastic action are must to watch.

Pushkar Fair

Pushkar-Camel-FairThe world famous cattle fair related to buying/selling of camels, the ship of desert including horses, bulls and cows. It is rated as one of the largest camel fairs and it has also turned to be major tourist attraction visiting Rajasthan.

The fair runs for one week on the banks of Pushkar Lake. The tourists take immense interest in puppet shows, gypsy dance and other musical and cultural show. It brings livestock, farmers and traders on the common ground.

Gangaur Festival

Gangaur Festival Rajasthan
Gangaur Festival Rajasthan

Rajasthani cultural festival Tour where married women worship Gauri (consort of Lord Shiva) for longevity of her spouse, while nubile girls pray for meeting caring and loving husband. Decorating hands and feet with mehendi is traditional task.

The two-week longs women festival rituals commence the day after Holi. It is the celebration of spring, harvest and marital harmony. The local women balancing several brass pitchers on top of their head steal the show.

Marwar Festival

Merwar FestivalEnjoy the music & cultural dance of the Marwar region on Marwar festival dedicated to the Rajput heroes of royal state. The festival does best to showcase and promise the best of what the state has to offer to the world. A must see festival while making itinerary to Rajasthan Tours.

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